Language - Set 4


Let’s learn to understand and use words from these themes:

    • Nature (e.g., grass, flower, tree, sun)
    • School (e.g., pencil, paper, crayon, book)
    • Toys & games (e.g., block, ball, to play, to share)
  • Take walks in nature together and talk about the things you see (e.g., rocks, grass, flowers).
  • Make art together out of materials you find in nature, and different art materials such as pencils, paper, or crayons (e.g. an outdoor sculpture, leaf rubbings, a tree picture with glued on materials). Talk about what makes the materials and sources of materials unique. Talk about how different things in nature work together. For example, how the grass, flowers and trees need sunlight to grow.

Let’s learn to understand and use regular past tense.

  • Ask your child about what he or she did yesterday or earlier in the day to practice using past tense verbs like: “I played catch with my friend.” Talk about how verbs change depending on when the action happened.
  • Verbs are ‘action’ or ‘doing’ words.

Let’s learn to understand and use the superlative (-est).

  • When tucking your child into bed, gather all his or her plush toys on the bed and ask him or her to find the “most of something,” like the smallest or softest. Talk about how adding “-est” indicates that something is the “most of something.”

Can your child consistently:

  • Understand and use words from these themes:
    • nature (e.g., grass, flower, tree, sun)
    • school (e.g., pencil, paper, crayon, book)
    • toys & games (e.g., block, ball, to play, to share)
  • Understand and use regular past tense.
  • Understand and use the superlative (-est).

Did you know?

Your child’s teachers have 2 goals in mind for developing his or her language skills: 1) making sure your child has the vocabulary and knowledge for everyday communication, and 2) broadening your child’s vocabulary to include new and unfamiliar words that will allow him or her to learn about things that he or she may not otherwise encounter in their everyday life.