Language - Set 5


Let’s learn to understand and use words from these themes:

    • Colours (e.g., orange, purple, to mix, to paint)
    • Body (e.g., face, teeth, lips, tongue)
    • Clothing (e.g., boots, gloves, sweater, scarf)
  • When the weather is changing, talk about the different types of clothing worn depending on the weather conditions (e.g., rubber boots when it’s raining and a hat when it’s sunny outside). Talk about why we wear this clothing.

Let’s learn to follow simple two-step instructions.

  • Use two-step instructions for your child like: “Rinse your toothbrush, then turn off the faucet.”

Let’s learn to use adjectives to describe nouns.

  • Encourage your child to use descriptive words for things (adjectives). For example, “Tell me something about your new shoes.” (They are bright, red and comfortable.)

Can your child consistently:

  • Understand and use words from these themes:
    • colours (e.g., orange, purple, to mix, to paint)
    • body (e.g., face, teeth, lips, tongue)
    • clothing (e.g., boots, gloves, sweater, scarf)
  • Follow simple two-step instructions.
  • Use adjectives to describe nouns.

Did you know?

Receptive language involves using information received orally (out loud), which includes words stored in one’s mental dictionary (known words), to interpret the meaning of phrases, sentences and narratives. Reading comprehension entails the same set of skills, but the information is received from print.

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