Code - Set 1


Let’s learn to recognize your first and last name.

  • Practice writing your child’s name on pictures or on his or her belongings together. Ask your child if he or she knows what those words mean when seen in writing.

Let’s learn to identify the front and back cover of a book.

  • Before reading to your child, ask questions such as, “Where do we start? How do we hold a book? How do we find out what a book is about?”
  • This is a great time to help early readers develop motivation for reading, by helping them understand what print text is, and the benefits of reading.

Let’s learn to identify individual words in a text.

  • When reading together, point to words as you are reading them. When they are ready ask your child to use his or her finger to point to the words as you read them.
  • It may surprise you to find that your child may not realize that print is what you are reading on a page of text. They may think you are just making the story up yourself (It’s OK to do some of that for fun too!). If your child covers over words while you are reading, point out that you need to see words that they have covered to read them.

Can your child consistently:

  • Recognize his or her first and last name?
  • Identify the front and back cover of a book?
  • Identify individual words in a text?

Did you know?

While spoken language learning is part of a natural developmental process, the skills and rules of reading need to be explicitly taught.

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