Language - Set 20


Let’s learn to understand and use words from these themes:

    • Travel (e.g., shipment, compass, transportation, engine)
    • Science (e.g., experiment, procedure, differences, similarities)
    • Drama (e.g., theatre, comedy, to direct, to audition)
  • Find a play script to read together as a whole family (and possibly act out).

Let’s learn to distinguish opinions from facts in a text.

  • Work with your child to figure out if things he or she reads or hears are opinions (e.g., “I think rainbows are beautiful.”) or facts (e.g., “There is a rainbow in the sky.”). Ask: “What is the difference? Why do we use both?”

Let’s learn to justify opinions about a text.

  • Continue to have frequent conversations with your child to develop his or her conversation skills. Ask questions and encourage him or her to answer in full sentences.



It’s time to celebrate all you have achieved with your child. We are sincerely grateful to be a small part of your child’s learning to read journey and would love to hear your stories.

Successful reading develops children’s confidence in their ability to learn, and fosters a love not only of reading, but of learning!

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