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Activity Description

Children will search for cards that will help them ask ‘why’ questions about the senses.


20-25 min.

Key Outcome(s)

Understand and ask questions with ‘why’.

Materials and Preparation

Prep Time

15-20 min. 


  • We provide: ‘Modelling sensory cards’; ‘Sensory cards’. Click HERE to download.
  • You find: Different coloured paper


  1. Print and cut out the ‘modelling sensory cards’ (one set for you).
  2. Print and cut out the ‘sensory cards’ 

The Activity

What will we learn?

“Today we are going to ask each other ‘why’ questions to find out why we like some things”

What do we know?

  1. "Why do we ask questions?” (To find out more information.)
  2. “Should we answer a question with only one or two words? If I ask: ‘Why did you wear a coat today?’, would a good answer be ‘Because’? What would a better answer be?” (“I wore a coat because it’s cold outside.”)
  3. “When do we use the word ‘why’?” (When we want to know more and do not have an answer.)
  4. “We’re going to ask ‘why’ questions about the senses!” One at a time, show the ‘modelling sensory cards’ and ask: “What is this? What sense goes with this body part? What can you tell me about this sense?”

Watch me first!

  1. “Now let’s practice asking ‘why’ questions!” Show children the nose ‘modelling sensory card’. “I have the ‘nose’ card which means I need to talk about a smell that I like. Hmm… what do I like to smell? I like the smell of raspberries! What could you ask me to find out more?”
  2. “You could ask me: ‘Why do you like the smell of raspberries?’ First, I will think about my answer. I know! I like the smell of raspberries because it reminds me of a time I picked raspberries with my family. It is important to explain my answer to completely answer the ‘why’ part of the question.”
  3. Show another ‘modelling sensory card’ and choose a child to say something they like related to the sense. Ask why he or she likes it, while assisting him or her to draw on personal experiences, memories, or characteristics of the liked item (e.g., sight: size, shape, colour, appearance; touch: texture, feeling).
  4. Do one or two more examples with some of the remaining senses.

Let's try it!

  1. Tell the children that they will go around the room to search for five ‘sensory cards’. Each they find a card, they will tell you a sentence about something they like related to the sense (i.e., “I like _____.”).
  2. Next, ask him or her: “Why do you like _____?” The child will then provide a reason that gives more information (i.e., “I like _____ because…”).
  3. Remind the children that it is important to explain their answers to make sure they are answering ‘why’. Encourage them to think of experiences, memories, or general reasons that made them like an item, activity, taste, or sensation.

What did we learn?

  • “Why do we ask ‘why’ questions?” (To find out more information about something or someone.)
  • “What did you learn about answering ‘why’ questions?” (We need to explain our reasons so others will learn more information or understand more about us.)
  • “Learning about our friends and why they like certain things allows us to become better friends who understand that we are all different. Let’s talk about what we learned about each other!”


To make this activity MORE challenging:

  • Ask the children to also tell a dislike for each ‘sensory card’.
  • Ask the children to tell two reasons why they like something.
  • Encourage the children to use comparison language to help you learn more about their likes and dislikes.

To make this activity LESS challenging:

  • Reduce the number of ‘sensory cards’ the children find to only focus on a few senses or to limit how many ‘why’ questions the children answer.
  • To help children think of familiar things they like, tell them the category ahead of time (e.g., foods: they can name and explain why they like to smell, feel, or taste certain foods).
  • Children may respond better if you ask simpler questions (e.g., Do you like chocolate because it melts in your mouth or because it tastes sweet? Do you like salsa because it’s chunky or because it’s spicy?)